Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is for Jill Pickle

Ok Ok, Here is my update!
I had my Hystorectomy on February 5th and I am now three days from my 6 week check up. Every thing went very well.The dr. made an incesion about 4 inches wide and took alook around. He removed my uterus and left my overies and tubes. They looked healthy so he left them in. That is a good thing as I will still be able to produce my own horomones. I am feeling great and I am looking forwared to getting back to playing softball and getting active again. I have been sitting around on my rump for to long. I still have a little tenderness around my incesion but other than that I think it was all worth it. I am excited to NEVER NEVER ever having another period again!
Chris has healed completly from his broken collar bone and was just released back to play ball and ride his dirt bike again. He is so excited that he is taking the boys out to ride and shooting tomorrow. I am not to thrilled about this but I don't get to have a say in it. Four boys against one. I LOOSE!!
I hope everyone is doing well. I love and miss all of you