Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Had to post

So for the last two weeks or so I have been reading every ones blogs and trying to see how everyone was handling their emotions. I have tried to be strong and tell my self that it is too early to over react. I need to wait to hear from the Dr. just how bad this really is. But then I have this overwhelming feeling come over me at any given moment of the day and I shed a few tears and I know that this is a serious situation and it is OK to let my guard down.
I went in to Hallmark to buy my Mothers day cards and I was there for about 5 minutes before I was balling after reading only one card. The girl that works there came up and said to me " Those cards can be pretty powerful huh" I just looked at her with big ol' tears and nodded.
I have told the boys what is going on and we have done some research together, but I think that the hardest part about telling them is to see the change in Cody. He has been so loving and tender to me that I have to take a step back and regroup. He is so concerned and anxious to know more as we all are.
I just want you all to know that I love you so much and I am grateful to have such a big loving family that will pull together in a time like this.

Mom, I love you and you are in our thoughts and prayers.
I will talk to you all on Friday!
I love you all