Saturday, September 15, 2007

In the clear

Well I made it through the Colonoscopy on Friday. I had to start the prep on Thursday and drink 64 ounces of Gatorade with miralax powder mixed into it. I hate Gatorade and I always have so having to drink this much was a chore in it self. My appt was at 10am on Friday morning and Chris and I got there at 9:45 and i was taken right back to preop. Chris stayed in the waiting room till I was in recovery. I was dressed in a little gown and had really cute socks to keep my feet warm. I went over the paperwork with Wilma my preop nurse and then waited till 11am to go in for my test. I had Wilma turn out my light while I waited because I had such a bad headache, probably because I was starving to death. I had to be on a liquid diet for 24 hours before the test. I was wheeled into the room and met my Dr who was going to preform my test and my nurse hooked me up to my cocktail IV, A mix of Demerol and Versed. I remember her telling me that I had cute hair and that it was so thick and I said no it isn't I have very thin hair and she said well it must be because you are so cute and then she lifted my bed higher and the TV screen was right in front of my face and then I was out. I guess it was a sedation that keeps you awake but you have no memory of it. I woke up in recovery with Chris beside me and as soon as I was coherent enough to get myself dressed we went home. I guess the Dr came out to talk to me but I do not remember any thing. Chris said I asked him about his book he was reading three times. The same question every time. Silly Lisa. The Dr. said everything looked good, he did take two biopsy and I will follow up with my PCP next week. I feel fine and I am glad that everything looks good in that department. Now I will have to decide the next route to take for myself and if I will be having a hysterectomy. I will keep you all informed. Thank you for having me in your prayers. I love you all and miss you so much.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Just overwhelmed!!!

So as much as I do not like the computer I enjoy looking at how everybody is doing. I love reading about my family and it makes me feel close to them even though I am far away. I am having a hard week this week and feel a little overwhelmed. I am still working for Safeway in the scheduling office and trying to staff all 98 stores in AZ with a lack of pharmacist. It is such a stressful job with no end in sight. I have decided to start looking at other options like going back to school part time and finding a less stressful job that I can enjoy. As most of you know I am having some medical problems with my female parts as I guess it runs in the family. I go in for a colonoscopy next Friday to make sure that I have no problems in that department before looking into having a Hysterectomy. I am in so much pain and discomfort during my menstrual cycle that I am taking Vicodin 3 out of the 6 days. It has progressively gotten worse since I had my tubes tied three and a half years ago. I am just sick of being out of commission for that time frame every month. I get so emotional and crabby that I hide in my room and stay away from everybody so that I don't yell at them. I will let you all know if and when I have anything scheduled.
So does anyone have the answer to help me with Cody? He is at the very top of my irritation this past week. No matter what I do or how I show love to him he is still so mean and nasty. I was pretty sure that he was gonna run away last night. I had to slap him for fighting with Tyler and socking Tyler in the arm that he took off and was gone for about 2 hours. I got the silence treatment when he got back. He was just sitting on the side of the house and it reminded me of hiding between the walls at the house across the street from Grandmas house on Eastland when we were growing up. I just don't know how to help him. He is so smart and has a great heart if he would just drop the attitude and let me in things would be so much better. I think Tyler gets the brunt of Cody's aggression and he is still so loyal to Cody. I love them both but I have had way too much this week. I have to go help the boys finish cleaning the kitchen so I will post another time. I love you all and I know that your advice and support will be a comfort to me