Friday, September 7, 2007

Just overwhelmed!!!

So as much as I do not like the computer I enjoy looking at how everybody is doing. I love reading about my family and it makes me feel close to them even though I am far away. I am having a hard week this week and feel a little overwhelmed. I am still working for Safeway in the scheduling office and trying to staff all 98 stores in AZ with a lack of pharmacist. It is such a stressful job with no end in sight. I have decided to start looking at other options like going back to school part time and finding a less stressful job that I can enjoy. As most of you know I am having some medical problems with my female parts as I guess it runs in the family. I go in for a colonoscopy next Friday to make sure that I have no problems in that department before looking into having a Hysterectomy. I am in so much pain and discomfort during my menstrual cycle that I am taking Vicodin 3 out of the 6 days. It has progressively gotten worse since I had my tubes tied three and a half years ago. I am just sick of being out of commission for that time frame every month. I get so emotional and crabby that I hide in my room and stay away from everybody so that I don't yell at them. I will let you all know if and when I have anything scheduled.
So does anyone have the answer to help me with Cody? He is at the very top of my irritation this past week. No matter what I do or how I show love to him he is still so mean and nasty. I was pretty sure that he was gonna run away last night. I had to slap him for fighting with Tyler and socking Tyler in the arm that he took off and was gone for about 2 hours. I got the silence treatment when he got back. He was just sitting on the side of the house and it reminded me of hiding between the walls at the house across the street from Grandmas house on Eastland when we were growing up. I just don't know how to help him. He is so smart and has a great heart if he would just drop the attitude and let me in things would be so much better. I think Tyler gets the brunt of Cody's aggression and he is still so loyal to Cody. I love them both but I have had way too much this week. I have to go help the boys finish cleaning the kitchen so I will post another time. I love you all and I know that your advice and support will be a comfort to me


Laura said...

I sent you an e-mail! I love you.

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

I don't really know what kind of advice to give you. I don't have a teenage boy (yet) and you know I don't handle things so well! I guess I would try and give him space and try and talk to him as if he were an adult because all kids that age want to be respected even if they can't dish out the respect. Maybe if you start there he might decide having a healthy relationship with mom isn't such a bad thing. Cody and Tyler are going to keep fighting until they are older. Maybe then they might not even get along. Just continue to give Tyler positive reinforcement. He will eventually come out of Cody's shadow.
As far as your pain goes-I know ALL TOO WELL what it's like. After 15 years I couldn't take it anymore. The best thing for me was the hysterectomy. It's been a wonderful 8 months free of pain. Hang in there.
Sorry about work. There is always other options out there even if it takes a while to get there. I love you!

Jamie said...

Lisa-baby, I love you so much! I am sorry things are hard--please let Sam help you if he can. I'll send you an email later (I'm way too busy and tired these days, too!)

AuntieM said...

Lisa, How I love you!! I know that if you would pray together and be honest about the things that are bothering you in that prayer that you will both know that your are deeply loved by your Heavenly Father and that He has the answers to the feelings that are boiling up inside Cody. I know that it may be difficult at first but as you both kneel before Heavenly Father there can't be any anger. It melts away and the peaace your are looking for comes.. Remember I raised and am raising 5boys. Prayer really helps. Remember to express all the love you have for Cody and what your hopes and dreams are for him in your Prayer. Heavemly Father will hear and answer your prayer Lisa, HE loves you. Even at the place you are at in your spiritual develpoment. It doesn't matter He still loves you. Just like Me!