Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tylers 8th grade Graduation

Tyler and his mama, his friends John and Ashton.

The boys before the graduation dance!

Wow how in the heck am I old enough to have my both of my baby's in high school!

I was trying to remember how Cody's 8th grade graduation was and I was having a hard time remembering. Then I remembered...we are talking about Cody here........he was released(Suspended)three days before school was out. So there was no graduation for him.

I just want both of my boys to know that I love them and I only want the best for them. I am so thankful for them both. They are the best thing in my life, and the most challenging.

I love you both so much!


Jamie said...

YAAAY, TT! As James would say, "You big boy now!" Can't wait to hang this summer!

Laura said...

Remember our 8Th grade graduation? HA HA. Congrats to the big man. Love you Tyler. Gabe didn't have one either, He was "Released" early too.