Saturday, January 5, 2008

HAPPY 2008 !!!!

Well here we go into to 2008!!! I hope it is a good one for everyone. WE love and miss all of you!!

Chris got a new Yankees santa hat for christmas!

Chris and I went skiing on Saturday at Sunrise. This was the very first time that I have every been skiing and most likely my last! I fell way to may times. It sure was pretty tho!

We got the boys Rock Band for Playstation. This is the funnest thing to do. Chris and I sat up late a few nights jamming out in the living room. We have our own Rodies and a tour bus. We are trying for the Personal Jet plane now.

Mommy got a beautiful necklace from Cody and Tyler. It has the three golds on each of the hearts. Very sweet boys!!

Joey got a Guitar

Cody got a Guitar!!

Tyler got his XBOX 360

Christmas is over and here is what my living room looks like back to normal

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