Saturday, January 5, 2008

What a way to start the new year!!

Broken front tire of Chris's dirt bike!
So as I stated in the previous post, Chris and I went skiing for the first time (for me) and had no problems except for me falling and spraining my right thumb. On Sunday Chris went dirt bike riding with a friend of his from work. I got a call around 1:30 that Chris had a head on collision with a guy on a quad and to meet them at the emergency room. I got there and we waited around for about 5.5 hours to find out that Chris had broken his Collarbone on his left side. He is ok, will not need surgery. It will take about 6-8 weeks for him to recover from this break. I thought that I did everything around here by myself already. Boy was I mistaken. Now I really have to do it all. It is like having a toddler again. I have to get him dressed, tie his shoes( Double Knotted) Feed him, put him to bed, give him a shower. Good thing I like him!!!

For me I am going to have surgery on February5th at 12pm, I am finally going to have a historectomy!!! I cant wait. I am so tired of hurting. Give me a call if you wanna know more.

I love you all and miss you all so much!


The Laytons said...

Hey, Sorry to hear about the broken collar bone, that suuuuuuuucks. Anyway, I hope all is well outside of that. We should all hang out sometime. Love ya, Uncle Sam

Laura said...

Lisaree, so sorry to hear of your thumb and Chris' broken collar bone. I hope you both feel better soon. I wish I could be there to help you thru your surgery. I love you and miss you so much. Give yourself a hug from me. I will try to call you Sunday or Monday.

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

OUCH! I can't believe that about Chris. That's so scary. I am so glad it wasn't worse and he didn't need surgery. Are you sure he'll be okay by feb 12th so you can get waited on for 4 weeks? It's a big surgery. Just make sure both of you are ready for it. I am so glad you are finally going to get relief. Believe me, Best thing ever! I feel great. I felt great right away too. Aside from recovery of course! Good luck to both of you.

PS- You'll have to check my blog soon because I will be posting pictures of Ally's baptism! It went really well.

Misery Loves Company said...

Hey my sweetie,
I'm sorry Chris got hurt......somebody should remind him that he's not 20 anymore.....I have never been skiing.. I hope to get to go once before I die....I love to water ski, I know I would like snow skiing, I love the snow. You saw our sledding pictures, that ski resort is less than an hour from here.....maybe next year
I sure do love you. Get a hold of your brother or your home teachers, and get a blessing before you have your surgery, please. The Dr.s can always use that little extra help, and so can you in the healing process. I love you! Mom

AuntieM said...

Hey, just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and hope that you both are healing well. I know that you will feel so much better actually haveing more energy and less stress. Love you so much. Marti