Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Three days later

So here I am at work three days later with my black eyes! Thank you all for your comments. I have been laughing the whole time. My eyes were so swollen yesterday morning that I could barely see out of my right eye. The swelling is coming to an end and it does not hurt as much anymore so I hope that the black and blue circles around my eyes will go away soon. The hardest thing about all of this is that we have our tournament games this weekend, one on Friday night and three games Sunday night and I have been told by my coach that if I play he is gonna stick me out in the outfield. UH Hello everything that goes out there are fly balls!!! I if I cant catch a throw from short stop do you think that I am gonna catch a fly ball that I will loose in the big bright lights??
I am sure that I will be fine I am not afraid of the ball so I want to play in my regular spot. I guess we will see.
Love to you all!!
P.S Thank you Grandma Lyn for the lovely card. You are so very thoughtful and I love you and Grandpa Bill so very much


Jamie said...

Aww, it's not that bad, Lisa! You just look a little hung over, that's all. You're so tough! I hope you get to play this weekend, but you better wear a catcher's mask! AH RUV ROOOOO!

Laura said...

I'm still laughing too...I love you lisaree. I am kinda jealous about your games, Our softball ended like 2 months ago. I already miss it.

Aimless said...

oooh lisa! that looks painful! bummer too that you have more games to play when you can barely see. Thats awesome that you play tho! I love softball! I played in the same league as Laura, different team tho. We took second!

Hope you feel better!

Love, amie

AuntieM said...

Sendin' hugs! So sorry that it happened. I can remember when I palyed softball when we lived in El Paso. One of the girls husband hit a fly and she went to catch it,lost it in the lights and smack! You guessed it a broken nose. WE teased him about beating up on his wife. He did give her a broken nose. Not funny but I laughed a lot at the time. It still makes me smile. Go! Fight! Win! love you, Auntie M

Laura said...

Hows yer honker? Love you.

cody said...

Yo mama. Ay put the pictures of me U and T.T at the airport on ur blog. I wanna C them. LOve ya